My Uncle’s Profession

My uncle was a professional saxophone player and instructor. He has been dead for almost a year now, and my cousin, his son seems to be following his footsteps. In addition to being a really beautiful sound, the saxophone has a special place in my heart. Whenever I hear a saxophone I think of my uncle and he feels close.

So in order to continue my uncle’s footstep, my father gifted my uncle’s son a tascam cd recorder saxophone on my cousin’s graduation day. He was so excited to use it and quickly played music at family dinner for us. He’s such a sweetheart and me and my family will support him all the way. I am excited to see him be like his father in just few years.

A Typical Day at the Studio

As an assistant to one of the top musician in the country my wife has the best access to concerts, gigs and other musical events. When she was till starting she told me that she doesn’t think that she can last a week on the job because her boss is so difficult.

But later on as she gets to experience the best bell tree and other fun musical stuffs, she suddenly realized that she is meant for this kind of job and that no matter what she will try her best to make the job work and make her boss happy. Her day can turn really crappy but she said that she will try harder to smile and be happy that she has a job.

Getting a Classic Electric Guitars for my Boys

My son is into rock and roll. He has his own drums which I gave two years ago on his birthday. Now he’s trying to learn how to play the ibanez jet king. I wanted to surprise him by giving 2 classic martin acoustic electric guitars. You may ask me why it had to be two, but it is actually for my husband when they want to play acoustic sounds together.

I had no regrets buying two guitars for the men in my life. In fact, I find this a great musical instrument to bond with everyone. My husband gets to teach him old songs which should reminisce old days. My son too gets to play the guitar while his younger sister demands Justin Bieber songs.

It is easy to buy but it is difficult to maintain

I bought my first car at last month. I always wanted to own a car but did not have enough money to afford. When we got the delivery of the car, it looked quite nice from outside, however my wife did not like the interior. The color combination of the interior is not so good so I thought of redecorating. My wife wanted to put foam padding but it is very difficult to find a car accessory shop in my locality.

So I started looking at the online shopping websites. I found one where I got beautiful car accessories and all those I was looking for to decorate my car. I found foam wood wind brass wind and immediately placed the order. My wife was too excited since she got all the color combinations she was looking for.

The Best Replacement Yet

I owned a Fender guitar which was given to me by my older brother. After several years of light to moderate usage, the neck got damaged and I was very frustrated. Of course I had to get another one to be able to play my music so I searched for a suitable replacement. My options were to get another Fender, switch to Les Paul, or purchase good mighty mite be m10 eyebolt as per the recommendation of my friends.

In the end, I chose the latter and I was immensely happy with my decision. Mighty mite perfectly fits my persona and style, and I still get a kick whenever I think about the low price that I had to pay. I think this will last me a good decade because some of my friend’s older siblings also owns one of them and it is still very usable until now. I can tell that this is the best replacement yet.