I Gave Myself a Gift of Red Stilettos

I got promoted as the new area manager and been in the position for two months already. Handling my new job includes bigger tasks and responsibilities. It wasn’t easy at all; it requires focus and great commitment to be productive and fruitful in handling all projects given by the company. It also includes building good relationships with the people in my department and through the time since I started, I never had an issue doing it.

One afternoon while taking a break, I went to the cafeteria for a coffee. I had a quick browse of the internet in my phone taking a short look on the site where I usually do my online shopping. While clicking, my attention went to a beautiful pair of red stilettos in the new arrival page. I liked it so bad that I immediately click the order form below the photo. I thought of giving it to myself as a gift for having been promoted. It arrived after two days and when I see it, I was so happy because the shoes look more beautiful than I expected.

Great Values at Low Prices

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