Eraserhead’s Second Reunion Concert

My childhood years had been filled with music inspired by my sister’s taste. Since I am just a kid at that time, I do not have a particular taste in music. I just listen to whatever my sister wants and one of her favorites is Eraserheads. They are the coolest band and their songs are immortal.

Even though they have disbanded a long time ago, a Philippine-based magazine organized their second reunion concert. Amazingly, they sound better than before. Maybe because of the better music technology that enhances Ely’s voice, or maybe because of Raymund’s new squier bass. They even launched a music video of their good old song. And the crowd loves it. I guess I better start to search that video in Youtube.

Good Program, Good Sound System

August is the ‘Buwan ng Wika’ here so as a celebration of our love to our native language, schools hold culminating activities for this. Students are assigned to bring stuff like food, native products, etc of a particular area or province. They also perform native dances while wearing the national costumes.

In my nephews’ school, it was celebrated yesterday. The displays are more than what I expected. The program went really well. They say that a good sound system is the key to an effective program. You can visit website to learn more about it. I must say, the sound system is really commendable to accommodate the crowd’s noise (yes, kids) on a huge Our Lady of Chartes gymnasium.

My Dad’s Bedtime Story

Being the music geek that he is my father would prefer reading the music theory book from musicians friend anytime than a regular novel or even a short story. Honestly, if he is happy than so are we. Because when he is in a good mood, the house is a happy place.

I remember back when he still doesn’t have that book. He would spend hours on his desk writing songs. He is also a good songwriter. But sometimes he complains that the word and melody just wouldn’t come out. So then he will be grumpy and when he is grumpy he would tell everyone to do their chores and look for more chores to delegate which isn’t good for me. With the help of that book which he reads every opportunity he has, he is now a one happy person.

A Well Love Piece

My husband recently accepted a job that requires him to design the entire room of a 16 year old music junkie as what the parents refer to their daughter. The parents told him that he should do whatever he think is pretty and a moody teenager will appreciate and love.

So he basically kept most of the things inside the room since it wasn’t really that much. He stick to neutral colors for the walls and ceiling and added pop of colors on the linen and other piece of furniture inside. Since she love music he placed a cool desktop mic stand and he displayed all the music stuffs that she has. When everything is taken care of, the girl went into inspect and based from her face, she loves it.

The Classic Choice Ever

I for one may not know too much stuff when it comes to musical equipments and instruments but one thing I can assure you that the classic randall amp the perfect way to go. Not that I am trying to advertise the product but it is really a great one. The thing is worth every penny.

Growing up under the roof of a musician does have its own perks. Although I never had the passion to study how to play the musical instruments but I got more engaged in the production and equipments use and how to set up everything. When sounds come from this amplifier its crystal clear much better compared to other brand available in different music stores.