How to Buy a Fridge

Your fridge is one of the most important pieces of kitchen equipment you can own, so when you’re looking to buy a new one, there are lots of things to consider.

What type?

Do you need a fridge with a combined freezer or ice box? If not, consider buying a larder fridge – there’s more capacity inside and it will automatically defrost itself. If you do want a fridge-freezer, look for the star ratings – the higher the rating, the longer you can store frozen food (but do check the food safety label too!).

What style?

An integrated fridge has a front panel that matches your kitchen panel, so with the door closed the fridge is ‘hidden’. On the other hand, you could go for a refrigerator that really stands out. Designer fridges make an impact and add a lot of style. If you’re not much of a foodie, compact fridges are perfect for slotting into a small kitchen.

What features?

It’s not just about keeping things cold! Sectional climate control can help keep foods fresh for longer. Some fridges have a wine cooling rack and even vacuum crispers for your lettuce. Ice-makers, water dispensers (some now even dispense hot water!) and antibacterial coating are all on offer. If you want your fridge to be more helpful, invest in smart technology which can tell you when your food is about to go off, tell you when you need to go shopping and remind you that you’ve left the door open.

Energy efficiency

Look for fridges that are free of CFCs and HFCs, which damage the ozone layer. If you’re keen on saving pennies, a more expensive fridge may be a better bet. Smart fridges can help you maximise energy efficiency in the home with clever features like slide out compartments that mean the fridge door stays shut. Little savings add up to a big difference.


If you really want your kitchen to be all-singing and all-dancing, you’ll find a range of fridges that come with integrated LCD touchscreens, speakers and wireless technology. The prices are at the top of the range, but you’ll never be bored in your kitchen again!

Kitchen Lights that are Made to Impress

Kitchen lights are employed for their ability to brighten the place and let you see what you are doing. However, it does not stop there. Kitchen lights are also a good décor that you can use to enhance your place. Seeing that it serves a dual purpose, you should ensure that the lights that you are going to use will not only illuminate the area, but dazzle its beholders as well even if it is turned off. Here are several kitchen lights that fit the bill.

kitchen island lighting

Artichoke Light Pendant- The first word that comes to mind when you see this type of lighting is magnificent. That is because its shape is unique, and depending on your experience and expertise when it comes to lighting, you have probably never seen one before. If you haven’t, then there is a high probability that your guests are the same, so expect them to stare in awe.

Kitchen light fixtures elegant

Lantern Kitchen Lights- Lanterns belong in the old world where candles and fire are used to light up the way. However, because of innovation, modern lanterns are now available, and this can be used to beautify your kitchen. It brings out an old vibe in your new home.

kitchen lighting figture design

Black Iron Chandelier- For some homeowners, having a crystal chandelier in the kitchen can be overkill. If you are one of them, and still want to use a chandelier without overdoing it, you can go for the black iron chandelier instead. It has the same effect minus the exorbitant look.

Uniquely Shaped Wall Scones- Wall scones have been the subject of scrutiny and malign for many years. Majority of individuals who want extravagance and uniqueness in the kitchen would rather not use it because for them, it is insubstantial compared to chandeliers and other lighting. However, when equipped with a unique shape, wall scones have the ability to improve your kitchen so do not brush it off.

Kitchen lights offer so much more than its normal function of illumination. For decades, people have learned to utilize this as part of their kitchen decoration. Do not be left out in the dark and reap its advantages now, like many people have being doing, long before you.

Spiff up Your Kitchen

Kitchens are irresistible because it is the area that houses your favorite treats. It is also one of the first places that guests want to see upon entering your home. A lackluster kitchen is not a cause of celebration; in fact, it will only bring you embarrassment in the future. Imagine what your guests will think when they enter your kitchen only to be greeted with a dull view and forsaken furniture’s. To prevent such horrendous scenario, here are some kitchen design ideas that you can use to improve that area.

traditional kitchen countertops

1. It’s All About The Lighting- The kitchen is a place for warmth, gathering, and good ambiance, not a deserted place with little to no lighting. Good lighting always improves an area no matter what it is, so you may want to get the right one to go with your kitchen. White lights are the norm, but you may want to install blue, yellow, or even purple lighting on the sink area, or other strategic places in the kitchen. When done right, they will add a modern vibe to the kitchen, and guests will appreciate its unique look.

2. Walls and Tiles Have Much To Say- The flooring and walls of the kitchen are often overlooked, but it has a huge effect on the presentation of that area. A lighter, brighter shade is always preferred for the kitchen walls because it looks more appealing and clean. Because you eat and prepare food in the kitchen, you do not want it to look gloomy and unhygienic. For the flooring, marble is a good choice because it is sturdy, but you can always settle for cheap yet good looking tile or wood flooring if you do not have a huge budget.

3. Furniture’s Complete The Look- Every part of the house needs attractive and functional furniture’s, including the kitchen. It may come in the form of a dark oak chair, grey oak wood cabinet, or even black granite countertops. Whatever it is, make sure that it is presentable, has the right color tone, and still usable, lest you want your guests to encounter an accident because of a broken kitchen chair.

Stop embarrassing yourself in front of the visitors, and even your relatives. Create a good-looking kitchen that they will all love, and even envy. Let the following kitchen design ideas guide you through this process, and may you achieve the design and style that you have been aiming for.