Pinoy Dish: The Pinakbet

I love vegetables and I love eating Pinakbet.Pinakbet is a Filipino dish popularize by the Ilocanos. You’ll need a variety of vegetables pork meat and the main ingredient would be the bagoong sauce; made in fermented fish with salt, it can also be a fermented shrimp with salt. There are some people who don’t like putting bagoong in their Pinakbet but for me, I wouldn’t call that dish Pinakbet if it lacks bagoong because that’s the main ingredient there, that makes the dish tasty.


Now when you are out grocery shopping for the needed ingredient to make this dish, it is better to jot it down in a piece of paper because there so many, you might forget something. What you really need is some squash, eggplant, bitter melon, okra, string beans, green chili pepper, pork meat, and the bagoong sauce.

To cook the Pinakbet you must first sautee the spices; garlic, tomato, onion and ginger, then put the pork meatand let it simmer for two minutes before putting the bagoong, stir it then add two cups of water, let it simmer until it boils then you can put the vegetables. Remember the vegetable varies on how long it cooks. First put the squash then the eggplant, followed by the string beans and okra, the bitter melon (ampalaya) and green chili pepper comes last.

This dish is perfect for people who like garden vegetables; you might want to prepare some extra rice because you might eat a lot and a soda to rid the after taste of the bagoong sauce.