Nude Lipsticks Are The Best!

I am fond of lipsticks. Though, I just find out one trick from makeup artists. That is to keep your lips nude if you want to appear as if more naturally looking. Essentially we are talking about the no-make up look. To be straight-forward, let me just share to you three nude lipsticks that I love. You can find them at online stores like Amazon.

The first one is Smash box’s Photo Finish in Exquisite. It is lightweight with a brownish-pink shade. The second one is Yves Saint Laurent’s Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick with SPF 15 in Nude Beige. It lasts long and leaves your lips noticeably smooth. The last one is L’Oreal Paris Endless Lip Color in Naked Ambition. Its color lasts up to eight hours.

Lush Buffy Body Butter Bar Soap

Want to put an end to dead skin cells from your behind or shall we say from your butt? Try this one from Lush. It’s a compact bar which routs flaking skin with a semi-coarse muddle of ground rice, almonds and beans. It comes in three and seven ounces. With this product, it’s just a piece of cake to have your skin exfoliated and nourished.

It has a really rough and light texture but the good thing is that it you won’t need a lotion after a bath. It contains buttery oils which help to make the skin hydrated. It also has some hints of cocoa butter making it lightly sweet-smelling. The three-ounce size is a perfect handy in case you are on an outing and needs to pack light.

Surprise Visit Turned Make Up Session

It’s holiday when my girl cousins had a surprise visit in our house. They live in a City far from us that’s why we seldom see each other. When they arrived, I was the only one left at home because everyone else is on vacation. The four of them used to be my playmates way back when we were still kids.

I didn’t want to waste a single minute, so I immediately cooked our favorite food and prepare the table for lunch. After eating, we all went inside my room to supposedly take a little rest, but when they see my newly bought make-up set, they all got carried away and excited to try putting it on. Without any doubt, I quickly open and share it with them, then exchange our techniques on how to apply it. Of course it wouldn’t be perfect without our hair fixed, so we help each other doing our hair style then took pictures right after. It turned out to be a really productive visit and a fun learning make-up experience.

Forever21’s Love and Beauty Makeup Collection

We’ve got something new to love from one of our favorite clothing and accessory brand! The Love and Beauty Makeup and accessory collection is a set of dainty floral and vintage pink haul. It is a complete collection of hair brush, cosmetic tools, pallets, cute compact mirrors, lip gloss, cheek blush, and so much more.

These lovely finds from Forever21 are truly packed in a very girly way that you’ll surely love them. It’s also an eye-candy so you would love to bring it anywhere. Truly, the love and beauty collection is one of the brand’s well-loved products. Many girls are raving about this on their blogs and it’s as sure as hell that they’ll try out any of these lovely collections.

I Decided to Cut My Hair Short

I woke up early in the morning, went straight to the dresser to comb my hair. As I looked in the mirror, I noticed that my hair has grown too long and realize that it’s been four years since I last had a haircut. I tried to tie it in a fish bone style when suddenly the clock alarmed. I then hurry and went straight to the kitchen to prepare our breakfast. I was on leave so I didn’t need to hurry cooking, thinking I still need to fix myself for work. I finished everything just on time when my husband was finally ready to go to work. He just had a quick eating, then gave me a goodbye kiss.

When he left, I went back to our room to check my daughter who was still deep asleep at that moment. I then saw a big scissors on top of the drawer; then without hesitation, I decided to cut my hair short. I used to be the one cutting my hair when I was still in college and I already master doing it in front of the mirror. When I’m done, I was glad to see the result; I didn’t know I would look two years younger than when I still have a long hair. My daughter seemed to like my new look because she always touches my hair during that day. My husband also said I looked great and more sophisticated with my short hair. If only I knew it would turn out that good, I would have had it cut even before.