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New Technology for all of Us

With the release of new technology nowadays, we all can do whatever we want to make something look and feel a lot better. For instance, those models on the cover of the magazines that we see, I bet they aren’t that perfect and flawless in real life. Same goes for singers.

I bet that they really don’t have that amazing background music without the help of a akai mpc 1000. That is one good thing about our advance technology. It makes our life a lot easier and a lot better. I am not a big music fanatic but I have heard a song with and without the use of this equipment and I can tell that there is a big difference between the two.

Kimchi, a healthy traditional food

I went to a nearby Korean restaurant to try some of their other delicacies aside from kimchi but it turns out that most of the dish in their menu has kimchi as one their main ingredient. Koreans eat kimchi every day. A meal won’t be complete if there’s no kimchi available on the table. What’s with kimchi anyway? I love kimchi, I like it best when I’m eating grilled pork. The spiciness and its sourness really blend in with the grilled pork and I can’t help but scoop another ladle of rice! So it’s me pigging out again!

Eating kimchi is part of Korea’s culture and tradition, and this staple has become known in the world not just of its taste but also with its health benefits. Kimchi is stuffed with probiotics. It has lactobacilli bacteria that are good for our digestive system. It is also rich in fiber which is good for our colon. It has Vitamin A, B and C. In addition to that, because kimchi is loaded with peppers and garlic it is also rich in selenium that helps lowers blood cholesterol and aids our skin. And because cabbage mostly contain water and fewer calories it is also good for those who want to lose a few pounds. Seriously this is one hell of a super food!