Just Because I Crave For Pizza

I’m hungry and my mouth is looking for something to satiate itself with not just a slice, but a box of pizza. And just because I’m hungry, I dialed the hotline for a delivery. And after 30 minutes of an agonizing wait, my pizza was delivered. Finally! I get to eat! Which makes me wonder how did Pizza become so popular? Who came up with it? And How I wish I could taste the best pizzas in the world.

This round oven-baked flat bread covered with different kinds of toppings originated in Naples, Italy. Their traditional pizza (Margherita) is covered with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese and basil, was named after Queen Margherita. The pizza topping resembled the color of their flag.

Types of pizzas include Neapolitan (Italy), this pizza’s original ingredient is tomato and mozzarella, and mixed with other ingredients. Then there’s the Lazio-style (Rome) they come two different styles; rustica or the takeout pizza al tagio, instead of the traditional round, it comes in rectangular shape. This is sold and weighed by slice. There is also the frozen pizza, these pizzas are partially bakes and frozen so that people can just cook it in a microwave oven. And from then pizza had evolved and have collaborated with different ingredients and different forms of cooking coming from the different parts of the world.