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Balut Gastronomy

In the Philippines, touring out the night streets you will find vendors selling “balut”. This is actually a boiled fertilized duck egg. Filipinos consider this as a delicious treat. When you’re in the Philippines don’t miss out eating this because you’re in for an intense gastronomy. Not only that is delicious, it is also packed with calories and nutrients like; protein, vitamin A, B-complex, D, folate, calcium, phosphorus, niacin, magnesium, zinc and iron. Long before Viagra, it has been a belief of Filipinos to use this to improve sex drive.

Natives eat balut by first cracking the hollow part. Remove the cracked shell and make a hole. Sip the broth out then slowly remove the shell and bite, you eat it slowly or you can remove most of its shell and gobble it up one time. It is partnered eating by adding a pinch of salt and vinegar with chili to make it tastier.