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The Sauce In Shawarma

Whenever I go to a mall, or when I get hungry after a few hours of window shopping, I always go for the quick and easy snack and shawarma is definitely on the list. I mean it’s really one of the best comfort foods for me. I really love it and now my mouth salivates, just writing about it. How could I resist this food? It’s such a healthy snack, shreds of beef, strips of cucumber and tomato and a bit of onion wrapped with pita bread. And you know what really makes this treat so appetizing? It’s the sauce!

Yes, the sauce is the one that makes this delectable treat amazing. It makes me wonder how you make the sauce; every time I eat it makes me wonder the distinct flavor of the sauce. I Google for an answer and found out that there’s a lot of variations. And I found these ingredients best suits the flavor I tasted. The ingredients are; plain yogurt, peeled cucumber, two tablespoon olive oil, half juiced lemon, 3 gloves garlic, 1 tablespoon fresh dill and salt and pepper to taste. You have to mix all of these in a food processor and refrigerate it to bring out the best flavor. The sauce is so good I even put that on my vegetable salad.