Feed Your Appetite with Fried Potatoes

I am a person who really loves to eat! They know me for that thing even my friends does! Anyway, when it comes into fast-food, it has been very common nowadays such as Jollibee and Greenwich. It’s nicer to try something else and new! Fortunately, we did! A branch of McDonald had opened last month here in our place! Actually, me and my friends find it very exciting and what is more delicious! So, we all dropped by at McDonalds. Indeed, the place was cool, perfect spot for dating, or whatsoever.

When we get there, I took an order immediately which is McDonald’s frenchfries. Actually, I really love it as the fries are made to be crispy, hot and golden brown. Indeed, a good snack for a person who is on a tight budget, you may choose in variety of sixes such as small, medium and large too.