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Smoked Salmon and Scrambled Eggs on Toast

Last Good Friday, I stayed at my parents place and just decided to spend the whole day with them for a change. In the morning, upon waking up; I decided to surprise my two folks by cooking a breakfast for them. Mom would never allow me at first because she said, I was supposed to be pampered because I rarely visit them lately; but I insisted. So for breakfast, I prepared Smoked Salmon Eggs on Toast complemented with toasted bread and brewed coffee.

My mom was completely touched by the gesture that she offered to do the dishes afterwards. I told her to stay put. She liked so much the Smoke Salmon and Scrambled Eggs on Toast that I prepared that she asked for the recipe. I said it’s the same thing when she’s cooking for omelet minus the salmon. In this dish, the salmon has to be cooked first; beat the eggs mixed with chives and cream. The mixture is then added to the heated smoked salmon; spiced up with seasonings and stirred until the desired consistency is obtained.

Feed Your Appetite with Fried Potatoes

I am a person who really loves to eat! They know me for that thing even my friends does! Anyway, when it comes into fast-food, it has been very common nowadays such as Jollibee and Greenwich. It’s nicer to try something else and new! Fortunately, we did! A branch of McDonald had opened last month here in our place! Actually, me and my friends find it very exciting and what is more delicious! So, we all dropped by at McDonalds. Indeed, the place was cool, perfect spot for dating, or whatsoever.

When we get there, I took an order immediately which is McDonald’s frenchfries. Actually, I really love it as the fries are made to be crispy, hot and golden brown. Indeed, a good snack for a person who is on a tight budget, you may choose in variety of sixes such as small, medium and large too.