Siomai: Show My Love for You

Last night, I ate siomai, and while doing so, I had a clear recollection of a persistent suitor who always gifted me with this famous Chinese dumpling. Whenever he came for a visit, he would always have a card attached to the container that said, “Siomai- to show my love for you!”. He was indeed very funny. My mom instantly liked him not only because he was sweet and thoughtful, but because he was not selfish to share his siomai recipe.

I kind of liked that suitor because I knew that he had sincere intentions. Besides, my whole family really liked his siomai. It was just unfortunate that he had to leave for another country for further studies. He left me a memory though of a love so pure and a siomai recipe!

Every time we have gatherings at home, we always have siomai which my mom perfected. I miss the time when we didn’t have to cook it at all since someone always brought it ready for consumption. Of course, I still feel that there’s something amiss with the siomai my mom always prepares. Is it love? I miss him…