Archives for January 2016

The Best Replacement Yet

I owned a Fender guitar which was given to me by my older brother. After several years of light to moderate usage, the neck got damaged and I was very frustrated. Of course I had to get another one to be able to play my music so I searched for a suitable replacement. My options were to get another Fender, switch to Les Paul, or purchase good mighty mite be m10 eyebolt as per the recommendation of my friends.

In the end, I chose the latter and I was immensely happy with my decision. Mighty mite perfectly fits my persona and style, and I still get a kick whenever I think about the low price that I had to pay. I think this will last me a good decade because some of my friend’s older siblings also owns one of them and it is still very usable until now. I can tell that this is the best replacement yet.

Boost Your Mood In The Morning

You wake up thinking about work, the rush hour, and heavy traffic. This can be very stressful for some people, and your mood in the morning will usually dictate how your day will flow. If you are grumpy things will go badly. You will mess up with your work, have a fight with your colleagues, and your wife will not be happy with you. That is why I will give you ways to boost your mood in the morning to help you.

First up is having a hearty breakfast. This will elevate your mood, not to mention your ability to concentrate the whole day. Next is thinking positive, dwelling on the negative is not good for you and your mood. You can also listen to upbeat sounds prior to work so you will feel energized the whole day. Do not forget to smile; this will not only brighten your mood, but also the people around you.