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Soup Paired with Fried Fish

Yesterday was fried-day — Friday. I decided to buy a huge fish cut in halves and deep fried it to achieve a crunchy texture on the fish meat. After cooking the fish, I decided to partner it with vegetable soup but the only veggie I found in the fridge is carrot and half of cabbage. I cannot find more so I just push myself to be creative and think of what could be best made from the only two ingredients.

I remembered that there was a local advertisement of food seasoning them called egg drop soup. It was made from the chicken cubes, small amounts of spring onions and an egg. As my version, I decided to use the carrot and cabbage as an alternative ingredient in the spring onions. I sliced both the vegetable in thin stripes and let it slightly boil in the saucepan. After 15 minutes of cooking, I sprinkle some salt and pepper to have a little taste and finally drop the egg and beat it while stirring the pan. It ended well. The soup turned creamy after cooling the soup a little it turns out it is perfect for my crunchy toasted fried fish.