Martabak Eggs Cravings

There is one favorite snacks in my hometown that I always have it when I visited my hometown from the big city. It is Martabak Eggs. It contains the egg with flour and onion leaf. I can say the snack is really delicious when it’s hot. So, one day I asked my mother to buy it for me. But, unfortunately my favorite seller of Martabak Eggs is not around. I go to his place on the second day, and he is still not there. After a week, he finally shows his cart and sells the snacks.

I am so happy. I get to get my favorite snack. The snack is pretty cheap too. You can have about 3 serving for one dollar. When I am hungry, I can eat 3 snacks under one hour. There are two types of Martabak Eggs, dry and wet. I like the dry one better. Because it is less onion leaf and it is crunchy.