Lechon Kawali A Pinoy Fave

I love Pork. I love the salty taste it leaves on my mouth, the soft way it slides around my tongue with the Sinigang soup, the fabulous ways I can mix it with cooked veggies. One of my fab 5 fave for pork is Lechon Kawali. Kawali is a cookware for most pinoys households. I don’t know if microwave kids nowadays are aware of this fact, but kawali used to be used even on hot coals and it can go dark with cancer ridden soot. This delicacy, I’m guessing, stemmed out from the dirty kitchens of the carinderia that has now turned into family run restaurants like Josephines.

I never liked the carinderia lechon kawali because it’s too tough. But when I tasted the Kalye Juan’s Lechon Kawali, this delicacy just shot up to my top five favorite food. They found a way to keep the pork really soft on the mouth. Unlike some restos their version somehow managed to retain the sinigang soft pork texture with the fried crispy skin melting in your mouth leaving your wanting more.