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The special 1st birthday party for your baby

A unique “First” Birthday is a milestone in your child’s life and really needs to be celebrated. Your baby cannot remember his or her first birthday party, but they will come a time in their life when it becomes very important for them to know. The celebration is fifty-fifty as important for you as parents and for all of those close friends and family members who will be present in your child’s life for many years coming.

Normally, every day of life must be a time of celebration. However, a baby’s first birthday is unique and should be celebrated perfectly. Think of it like, it is one year ago that this adorable baby was brought into your world. Surely, at a one year of age the baby doesn’t seem to know what is going on, but it is still a time to celebrate. It is an important event that you can look back on for years coming. It is as much a celebration of your realizations in the baby’s life as it is a realization for your baby’s development.

Eraserhead’s Second Reunion Concert

My childhood years had been filled with music inspired by my sister’s taste. Since I am just a kid at that time, I do not have a particular taste in music. I just listen to whatever my sister wants and one of her favorites is Eraserheads. They are the coolest band and their songs are immortal.

Even though they have disbanded a long time ago, a Philippine-based magazine organized their second reunion concert. Amazingly, they sound better than before. Maybe because of the better music technology that enhances Ely’s voice, or maybe because of Raymund’s new squier bass. They even launched a music video of their good old song. And the crowd loves it. I guess I better start to search that video in Youtube.