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Good Program, Good Sound System

August is the ‘Buwan ng Wika’ here so as a celebration of our love to our native language, schools hold culminating activities for this. Students are assigned to bring stuff like food, native products, etc of a particular area or province. They also perform native dances while wearing the national costumes.

In my nephews’ school, it was celebrated yesterday. The displays are more than what I expected. The program went really well. They say that a good sound system is the key to an effective program. You can visit website to learn more about it. I must say, the sound system is really commendable to accommodate the crowd’s noise (yes, kids) on a huge Our Lady of Chartes gymnasium.

How to Organize An Ideal Christmas Party

Have you ever seen those wonderful Christmas parties on television? Everyone is perfectly dressed, all are happy, and the setting is just perfect. Then, maybe you should follow these instructions and your Christmas party will be the most beautiful and elegant party of the season.

First of all, you have to create your guest list. Then, you can seek for a place for your party. By the way, you have to make sure that the size of the party space fits your number of guests. Thirdly, make sure the place of your party is very clean. Guests don’t like dirty surroundings. It is a big turnoff. Be certain that there are no strong odors, including both good and bad smells.

The fragrance of your party must be neutral. When it is about lighting, you should acquire dim lights. You can trove clear Christmas lights at every home improvement store or supermarket.
Try to follow these instructions and you will have the best Christmas party of your entire life.