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Sweet Chili Chicken

My friend and I just bought our badminton racket when we decided to grab a dinner. We can’t think o any restaurant to pick from the Rosario arcade so we decided to go to Divisoria to have our dinner. While we are in the parking lot, she said that we should try Golden Cowrie. I told her that I didn’t enjoy eating there the last time I tried. However, she insisted on going and try another food from their menu which we might enjoy. So we proceeded to Golden Cowrie and ordered pinakbet, sweet chili chicken and leche flan for dessert. She wasn’t wrong at all! I loved their pinakbet, which is composed only of bitter gourd, eggplant and lots of tomatoes! But what I loved more is their sweet chili chicken, made of chicken meat slices and of course chili, complimented the other ingredients, whatever they are. Truly, we enjoyed our dining experience with only 2 viands. The next time we’ll eat there, we’ll make sure our two other girl friends will go with us and what to order? I’ll make sure, sweet chili chicken would be one among the others.