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Anniversary as a Romantic Reminder

Anniversaries are very important milestone events in anyone’s life. Whether it is a wedding anniversary, a dating anniversary, or any other special occasion it can be wonderful to celebrate at home instead of spending a lot of money for going outside.

Let us begin by deciding how to spend the day with your close partner. Whether you decide to create a special candlelit dinner or to barbecue it should be something you can do together. Try to do activities together that you enjoy and that remind you for your last year together.

For example, you can play games that you played when you started dating or tell stories. How about lighting some candles and opening a bottle of wine (or shimmering cider if you don’t drink). Now, you only have to relax and enjoy each other’s company. It is mostly that you already spend every day together but keep in mind that this is a special day that celebrates the two of you.

My Dad’s Bedtime Story

Being the music geek that he is my father would prefer reading the music theory book from musicians friend anytime than a regular novel or even a short story. Honestly, if he is happy than so are we. Because when he is in a good mood, the house is a happy place.

I remember back when he still doesn’t have that book. He would spend hours on his desk writing songs. He is also a good songwriter. But sometimes he complains that the word and melody just wouldn’t come out. So then he will be grumpy and when he is grumpy he would tell everyone to do their chores and look for more chores to delegate which isn’t good for me. With the help of that book which he reads every opportunity he has, he is now a one happy person.

What you have to know about 1st birthday baby party

Your baby is one years old, and it is time to party. It felt like a celebration for everyone for making it through our first year.

To ensure that the party goes well and your baby will have fun, you have to take care of many things. First, you should plan the party to last an hour to an hour-and-a-half. Most babies have short attention and run out of energy and interest rapidly. You can plan the party for late morning or late afternoon, when your baby isn’t tired. Second, you better hire a babysitter or ask a family member to help you balance your hosting tasks with enjoying your baby’s big day.

Finally, if you want to be careful then question your guests if there are food allergies to consider. Hold snacks simple, like chopped fruit and graham crackers for kids, and more grown-up versions for the adults to eat.

A Well Love Piece

My husband recently accepted a job that requires him to design the entire room of a 16 year old music junkie as what the parents refer to their daughter. The parents told him that he should do whatever he think is pretty and a moody teenager will appreciate and love.

So he basically kept most of the things inside the room since it wasn’t really that much. He stick to neutral colors for the walls and ceiling and added pop of colors on the linen and other piece of furniture inside. Since she love music he placed a cool desktop mic stand and he displayed all the music stuffs that she has. When everything is taken care of, the girl went into inspect and based from her face, she loves it.

My Own Bright Lights

Since about two weeks ago, we have been stuck inside our room due to narrow-minded people. The reason is simple instead of facing them and starting an argument that no one would win, I and my kids and husband would rather stay inside. Of course we go out every once in a while to do things that must be done but if we don’t need to leave the room, we simply don’t.

So whenever we stay inside, I find ways to have fun. Yesterday I bought an american dj revo from musicians friend. I know its not equip to be used inside the room but we made it work and the kids absolutely enjoy it. Our very own disco inside our own little bubble of happiness.