Native Green Mangoes

I’ve always been a fan of green mangoes. When I was still in grade school, I always look forward to mango season. Having our own mango tree, I managed to eat green mangoes for free. Every afternoon, after school, my cousins and I gather together, and then assign tasks to each other: someone to climb the tree and pick some green mangoes, someone to bring fish sauce with vinegar, and someone to slice the mangoes. All of us will then eat together, while talking about anything, about anyone and about the day. Sometimes, we even have a second batch to climb the tree when the first batch of green mangoes is not enough to fill our stomachs. The funny part is, I was always the one to excuse myself from the group because of the different effect of mangoes on my tummy.

I have not eaten green mangoes these days. I am now living in the city because of my work. Still, I look forward to every mango session with my cousins. Not only that I miss eating green mangoes, but more importantly, I miss every bonding moments with them, which is made more special by eating sour green mangoes.