Countertop Designs for Your Home

A home without a countertop whether in the kitchen or bathroom is not complete. A countertop serves many functions, and you are missing a lot if you do not have this. If you are thinking of putting one in the kitchen, or you want to swap you old countertop for newer design, then you may want to read further because the answer to your problems can be found below.

kitchen countertop

Countertop Designs and Materials

  • Wood Slab Countertop- A wooden countertop is quite ordinary looking and can be found in many homes already. A slab of wood for the countertop in the meantime is much unique and authentic. It screams cozy and homey, and not all people have this in their kitchen so having one in yours will give you an edge.
  • Granite Countertop- This type of countertop is a good investment because it will last you many years. It is also sleek, attractive, and can go with any kitchen theme. That is why if you cannot decide on what countertop to use, the granite is a safe choice. Let’s just say that you can never go wrong with marble granite.
  • Resin Glossy Countertop- In order to recreate a minimalist and modern home, you need the right furniture and kitchen equipments to go with it. A resin glossy countertop is the perfect one you can use in this scenario because its looks is very contemporary and polished, plus it gives off a clean and simple vibe.
  • Cement Countertops- If masculinity and durability is what you are after, then consider this type of countertop. A cement countertop needs little to no maintenance, plus you are assured that it will last for more than a decade so you can really say that this is a great investment.

There are many other types of countertops design in the market as of the moment, but the aforementioned are the most popular and unique among the bunch. Aside from that, they require little maintenance so this is excellent if you do not want to spend all your time worrying about the countertop in your kitchen.