Keeping Memories

What will you do if you know it’s almost time to say goodbye to a loved one? This is a difficult question to answer because, even if we all know we’re going to leave this place someday, we will never be ready to leave all our loved ones behind. I’ve been diagnosed with a terminal disease and the doctor said I only have six months to a year left. At first, I wasn’t sure how to break this news to my family. And when I finally had the courage to tell them, I got so heartbroken because I knew I was causing them pain.

My husband, however, decided to take on a more practical approach and started planning the things we’ll do with my remaining time. He bought a video recorder and zoom accessories at guitar center so we can film our happy moments together as a family and save memories of each other to be played in the future. He kept the family strong and optimistic. We made a bucket list of the things we’ve always wanted to do back then and even some dares. I’m really looking forward to spend more time with my family but it scares me that one day, I wouldn’t wake up anymore and all they’d have are memories of me.