That’s Why We All Love Tunisian Food

Such as all countries in the Mediterranean basin, Tunisia proposes a “sun cuisine,” based mainly on olive oil, tomatoes, spices, seafood (a wide range of fish) and meat from rearing (sheep).

Like in the rest of North Africa, couscous is served in all events and occasions. It is traditionally eaten with sheep, the semolina must be very fine, and the vegetables (chick peas, little white cabbages, turnips, carrots) only softly cooked. Depending on the season, the vegetables will change: there may also be pumpkin, cold broad beans, or cardoons.

Couscous can also be made with fish or chicken or “osben”, a kind of round sausage made with tripe and different herbs. Different spices are found depending on the region, like cinnamon (kerfa) or dried and crushed rose blossoms (chouch el ward). “Tajines” are just like Moroccan “tajines”. In Tunisia, they are egg based dishes with divided meat prepared like a large cake. Cooked in the furnace, they can be seasoned with parsley, cheese or grilled peppers (the most likely).