Crafts Handy Tool

My sister is very handy with fix-and-craft simple home decors. She’s always browsing crafts catalogues, DIY magazines and architectural digests in the hopes of catching the latest trend of crafts and DIY projects that she hope would be simple enough for her to do in her spare times. I was always poking fun on this hobby of hers but I was able to appreciate her skill one time last Christmas.

We were asked to volunteer for the sprucing up of the local senior citizen’s multi-purpose hall for the senior citizen’s party. She bought a complete supply of small DIY handy tools with the help of a reid tool catalog and was able to make the job quick and easy for us to do and finish. I was just glad she’s very unlike me. Practical in many ways or I would have been receiving the butt-end of her sneers about that volunteer incident and about how I would have missed a friend’s invitation of spending a night at their place because we’re not finished with the volunteer project yet.