Oh Cupcake! You’re An Eye Catcher

Last Wednesday my daughter and I went to the mall to buy some school supplies for my brother. We were passing by some random cake stall where they sell pretty decorated cupcakes and my daughter won’t move because she was mezmerize by the beautiful colors of the cupcakes.

There were cupcakes that look like a potted flower, there’s also the ones that looks like Elmo and Cookie monster of Sesame street, a bee over grasses, fishes and shells and cute flowers. They all look very pleasing to the eye, especially to kids because they like colorful stuff and they get easily attracted by it.

I saw how my daughter stared at the cupcakes with amusement, so I have no choice but to buy some for her. She was really happy when I bought it that after we got home she would just look at them, not caring to bite on it and just enjoying its beauty.