Save Money Even In a Trip

Most people barely love to go to a trip. Actually, me too! I love to go on a trip and be away fro several hours with my family. Getting into a trip sometimes can lead you to create huge expenses! Practically saying, I don’t need those huge expenses just to stay and eat those fancy restaurants, as long as it feeds my tummy! I’m really good with that one. Actually, the last time I went to a trip with my friends, we barley save a lot of money! Actually, what we wanted is just to visit the place and take several pictures on it and post them through our facebook. After a 2 hours trip on the way to another city, we’ve got there without any breakfast taken. We’re hungry at that time!

When one my friends suggested that we will go to a fast-food chain to have our breakfast. He suggested Jollibee. We all went through there; it was nice to have Jollibee breakfast since it’s very much affordable and no need to wait for the food. We really enjoyed a lot there!