Nice Smelling Black Halos

Today, we had a chance to observe a recording session at a music studio. It was an education tour for 5th grade homeschoolers in the academy we were enrolled. Ongoing was dubbing by several voice talents for an upcoming movie.

My son, along with other inquisitive kids, boldly approached the director and asked him their 1,001 questions. — how long a whole movie takes to finish? which food/drink must the voice talents avoid? what this and that gadget is called and where they bought them? And the list goes on… We, parents so appreciated the director who willingly, patiently and clearly answered all the questions thrown at him by our eager learners. And just as the director thought it was all over, one more kid asked aloud, “what are those nice smelling black halos around your microphones and where did you buy them? The director chuckled a bit as he replied, “Oh, those, they are newly bought Pop Filters at musician’s friend!