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Throwing a Dinner Party? Make Sure You Know What you’re Getting Yourself Into

Dinner parties are always a great occasion to reunite the entire family or group of friends, enjoy a delicious meal and, of course, some good laughs. Any successful thing involves a little bit of planning, so that you have at least some control to the avalanche that will befall you when you announce that you’re having a party. Once the news of the party is out there, you will be caught in a wave of telephones, RSVPs and lots of planning. Here are some important aspects you should take into account when planning a party.

1. The guests

Some guests need to be announced in advanced, other a few hours before. Just make sure that the people you’re inviting work well together and that there are no conflicts between some of them. Be prepared for the fact that the number of people you think will show up, almost never matches with the number of people who actually show up.

2. The neighbors

Make sure you tell your neighbors you’re having a party, so they can expect to hear louder music and noise. The last thing you need is an upset neighbor that will call the police on you.

3. The house cleaning

Before the actual day of the party, you should give your house a nice cleaning, so that everything looks perfect. The day of the party, try to arrange the furniture, so that your guests have enough room to socialize.

4. The food

If you’re one of those brave party planners who wants to do the cooking, you’re more than welcomed to give it a try. However, ordering food will save you lots of time and the quality is guaranteed. Choose a place of assorted cheeses and meats, seafood and delicious desserts that will satisfy even the most squeamish guest. Discover other great party foods on FoodyDirect – who knows?, you might even decide to order in some catering after all.

5. The drinks

Drinks have to be enough for when the last guest believes it is time to stop drinking. From the experience gained from other parties, you already what you need to invest in: beer, wine, vodka, gin and tonic, whiskey, soda and water. You can also add champagne, if you’re celebrating something. Another party favorite is the drunken watermelon, which is very easy to make: cut a hole at the top of a watermelon and fill it with vodka. Keep it a couple of hours in the fridge and then simply cut it and eat it.

6. The music

It’s a well known fact that at parties, music is never going to please everybody. Some will start dance frenetically, while others will admire family pictures around the house. Don’t worry about it: at some point everybody will enjoy the music, but in the meantime, you can try something neutral, which keeps the party lively. And as we all have a friend who is more skilled in the music business, you can kindly ask him to deal with this issue.

The next day is going to be a total mess so you better make a few guest promise they will help you with the cleaning. There will be lots of dishes to wash, so you’ll need all the extra help you can get. Dinner parties require a little bit of planning, but if you learn easy tips that will make your job easier, you can actually enjoy the party you have just organized.

Oh Cupcake! You’re An Eye Catcher

Last Wednesday my daughter and I went to the mall to buy some school supplies for my brother. We were passing by some random cake stall where they sell pretty decorated cupcakes and my daughter won’t move because she was mezmerize by the beautiful colors of the cupcakes.

There were cupcakes that look like a potted flower, there’s also the ones that looks like Elmo and Cookie monster of Sesame street, a bee over grasses, fishes and shells and cute flowers. They all look very pleasing to the eye, especially to kids because they like colorful stuff and they get easily attracted by it.

I saw how my daughter stared at the cupcakes with amusement, so I have no choice but to buy some for her. She was really happy when I bought it that after we got home she would just look at them, not caring to bite on it and just enjoying its beauty.

Types of Cookies to Fill Your Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are a great, easy way to let a friend or loved one know that you are thinking of them. A gift basket can be used to express congratulations or condolences, say thank you, or to celebrate a birthday or event. If you’ve decided to gift a cookie basket, you can either make your own or go to to purchase one. If you plan to make your own, the following are some different types of cookies you can choose to fill your basket with.

Drop Cookies and Bar Cookies

Drop cookies are the most common type of cookie and the easiest to make. After the dough is made, it is formed into balls and dropped onto a cookie sheet to bake. Common types of drop cookies include chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin. Bar cookies are generally formed from the same recipes as drop cookies. However, instead of forming the dough into balls, it is spread in a rectangular pan to bake. After it has cooled, the pan is cut into squares, creating cookie bars.

Molded, Pressed, and Rolled Cookies

While sometimes categorized separately, molded, pressed, and rolled cookies are all similar because they are formed into shapes and designs. Molded cookies are formed into shapes by hand or using kitchen items such as spoons or drinking glasses (e.g. Peanut Butter cookies). Pressed Cookies are formed into different shapes when the dough is pressed through a cookie press or pastry tube. Some common types of pressed cookies are ladyfingers and spritz cookies. To form rolled cookies, the dough is chilled, rolled out, and then cut into shapes using cookies cutters, knifes, or pastry wheels. Sugar cookies are the most common types of rolled cookie.

No-Bake Cookies

The final type of cookie you can make for your gift basket is the no-bake cookie. These cookies are made from ingredients that can harden on their own and thus need only be chilled and not baked. These are a great alternative during the hot summer months when you don’t want to turn on the oven. No-bake cookies often use chocolate, peanut butter, and honey as sweetening agents and are often formed using oatmeal, cereal, and event nuts. To see some great examples of gift baskets you can give your loved ones, visit

Save Money Even In a Trip

Most people barely love to go to a trip. Actually, me too! I love to go on a trip and be away fro several hours with my family. Getting into a trip sometimes can lead you to create huge expenses! Practically saying, I don’t need those huge expenses just to stay and eat those fancy restaurants, as long as it feeds my tummy! I’m really good with that one. Actually, the last time I went to a trip with my friends, we barley save a lot of money! Actually, what we wanted is just to visit the place and take several pictures on it and post them through our facebook. After a 2 hours trip on the way to another city, we’ve got there without any breakfast taken. We’re hungry at that time!

When one my friends suggested that we will go to a fast-food chain to have our breakfast. He suggested Jollibee. We all went through there; it was nice to have Jollibee breakfast since it’s very much affordable and no need to wait for the food. We really enjoyed a lot there!

Nice Smelling Black Halos

Today, we had a chance to observe a recording session at a music studio. It was an education tour for 5th grade homeschoolers in the academy we were enrolled. Ongoing was dubbing by several voice talents for an upcoming movie.

My son, along with other inquisitive kids, boldly approached the director and asked him their 1,001 questions. — how long a whole movie takes to finish? which food/drink must the voice talents avoid? what this and that gadget is called and where they bought them? And the list goes on… We, parents so appreciated the director who willingly, patiently and clearly answered all the questions thrown at him by our eager learners. And just as the director thought it was all over, one more kid asked aloud, “what are those nice smelling black halos around your microphones and where did you buy them? The director chuckled a bit as he replied, “Oh, those, they are newly bought Pop Filters at musician’s friend!