Food That I Will Never Try

I’m a very picky eater. Everything that doesn’t look at par with my standard will go directly to the trash. I know the economy is bad and people have to save, but food is something that I will have inside my body, and I don’t want to eat it if it doesn’t look good. I’ve been browsing the net and I found the weirdest foods that I will never try.

First on my list is the Jellied Moose Nose. I won’t be able to eat a whole head, much less stare at it sitting in my kitchen table. Next is the spider, believe it or not, this is a delicacy in other countries. I’d rather not believe it because it creeps me out. Then there is the monkey brain, I’m not that desperate yet it to try and eat it. Maybe when the world has turned over and I have nothing to eat, that will be the time to munch on the following.