A Bass Guitar for the Scrooge

Five months ago, Gerry went to a gig with his band mates. Upon opening their vehicle to get their equipments, Gerry saw that his bass guitar got smashed. Apparently it was not positioned correctly, and when they hit a bump on the road, the guitar got broken. Because of that incident, Gerry was so frustrated. He saved every penny for that guitar, and since he was a scrooge, he did not want to buy one again for a long time.

However, Gerry did not have a choice because he did not own any other bass guitar so he had nothing to use. So off he went to different online stores to buy a new bass, only to get bummed out because of their high prices. Just as he was about to lose hope, Gerry spotted the fender bass vi which falls under his budget, but still pack a punch when it comes to tune, quality, and durability. Gerry bought it immediately and was able to continue playing.