The Competitive Advantage of Same-Day Delivery

We live in a world that is very impatient and that has no desire to wait for anything. While this may not be the ideal living situation for everyone, the reality is there is a competitive advantage for any company in any industry that can do same-day delivery.

The Gift Basket Industry

A perfect example of an industry in which this a great competitive advantage is in the gift basket industry. Oftentimes, because of the hectic pace at which we live life, we make decisions or arrangements far later than we should. In the gift basket industry, a husband may have procrastinated getting his wife something for her birthday or an anniversary. When a company can deliver the basket the same day for him, it gives them a clear advantage. There is a lot of business to be had in this industry on the spur of a moment.

Baked Goods in Gift Baskets

Another reason why delivering gift baskets in the same day is so advantageous is that they often have baked goods in them. Baked goods are always much better if they are received the same day they were made. While it is better for a company to have an order ahead of time so they can plan for it; having the ability to adjust to an order that walks in the door or to the phone call that comes in the middle of the day gives them a big advantage.

The Mindset of a Customer and Same Day

When you get in the head of a customer, you will learn that they are much more likely to buy something they can have in their hands the same day. Going back to the pace at which we live in our society today, no one has time to deal with something tomorrow if it can be done today. We live in the moment and then move on. When a company offers same-day delivery, it gives them a foot in the door and an advantage over competitors that do not offer it. Those companies that do not offer it can attest to the amount of orders it has caused them to lose over recent years.