Families All Favorite Food

My family and I are often celebrate Sunday as our Family day. It’s such an important day to me and to my family. During Sundays, we usually go to church and after that we’re looking for something to feed our tummies! You know what I mean! Foods! Actually, my parents love to seek for new places and get through it, eat and have some fun. It was that time when we are about to go to this new restaurant here in our city, but suddenly we’ve got that flat tire. Too bad! It was almost lunch at that time and we a starving to death at that time. We’ve got that hint that is just a few walks to reach at Jollibee fast food chain. Yes! We did all along with my parents.

I’ve got to take that order which is Beef Tapa – Jollibee Breakfast Meal, although, it was lunch time. I had to take that breakfast meal since my dad really loves Beef Tapa. Indeed, my dad say’s he feels like he was eating beef Tapa at the restaurant because it taste delicious.