Spiff up Your Kitchen

Kitchens are irresistible because it is the area that houses your favorite treats. It is also one of the first places that guests want to see upon entering your home. A lackluster kitchen is not a cause of celebration; in fact, it will only bring you embarrassment in the future. Imagine what your guests will think when they enter your kitchen only to be greeted with a dull view and forsaken furniture’s. To prevent such horrendous scenario, here are some kitchen design ideas that you can use to improve that area.

traditional kitchen countertops

1. It’s All About The Lighting- The kitchen is a place for warmth, gathering, and good ambiance, not a deserted place with little to no lighting. Good lighting always improves an area no matter what it is, so you may want to get the right one to go with your kitchen. White lights are the norm, but you may want to install blue, yellow, or even purple lighting on the sink area, or other strategic places in the kitchen. When done right, they will add a modern vibe to the kitchen, and guests will appreciate its unique look.

2. Walls and Tiles Have Much To Say- The flooring and walls of the kitchen are often overlooked, but it has a huge effect on the presentation of that area. A lighter, brighter shade is always preferred for the kitchen walls because it looks more appealing and clean. Because you eat and prepare food in the kitchen, you do not want it to look gloomy and unhygienic. For the flooring, marble is a good choice because it is sturdy, but you can always settle for cheap yet good looking tile or wood flooring if you do not have a huge budget.

3. Furniture’s Complete The Look- Every part of the house needs attractive and functional furniture’s, including the kitchen. It may come in the form of a dark oak chair, grey oak wood cabinet, or even black granite countertops. Whatever it is, make sure that it is presentable, has the right color tone, and still usable, lest you want your guests to encounter an accident because of a broken kitchen chair.

Stop embarrassing yourself in front of the visitors, and even your relatives. Create a good-looking kitchen that they will all love, and even envy. Let the following kitchen design ideas guide you through this process, and may you achieve the design and style that you have been aiming for.