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A Bass Guitar for the Scrooge

Five months ago, Gerry went to a gig with his band mates. Upon opening their vehicle to get their equipments, Gerry saw that his bass guitar got smashed. Apparently it was not positioned correctly, and when they hit a bump on the road, the guitar got broken. Because of that incident, Gerry was so frustrated. He saved every penny for that guitar, and since he was a scrooge, he did not want to buy one again for a long time.

However, Gerry did not have a choice because he did not own any other bass guitar so he had nothing to use. So off he went to different online stores to buy a new bass, only to get bummed out because of their high prices. Just as he was about to lose hope, Gerry spotted the fender bass vi which falls under his budget, but still pack a punch when it comes to tune, quality, and durability. Gerry bought it immediately and was able to continue playing.

Food That I Will Never Try

I’m a very picky eater. Everything that doesn’t look at par with my standard will go directly to the trash. I know the economy is bad and people have to save, but food is something that I will have inside my body, and I don’t want to eat it if it doesn’t look good. I’ve been browsing the net and I found the weirdest foods that I will never try.

First on my list is the Jellied Moose Nose. I won’t be able to eat a whole head, much less stare at it sitting in my kitchen table. Next is the spider, believe it or not, this is a delicacy in other countries. I’d rather not believe it because it creeps me out. Then there is the monkey brain, I’m not that desperate yet it to try and eat it. Maybe when the world has turned over and I have nothing to eat, that will be the time to munch on the following.

Printing Made Easier For Everyone

I struggled with my printing business for several months. My old assistant of 3 years left my small business because she wants to get married and transfer to a new company in order to support her family. I owned the printing business, but she was the brains of the whole operation. Needless to say, I did not know what to do without her. In my desperate attempt to salvage my business, I hired a guy named Joey.

It was a good thing too because he got an online design tool which helped our business stay out of its poor predicament and increase productivity. According to Joey, the tool was easy to use, and it even improved our profit. He showed me how to use it, and I was quite surprised because though the software was obviously sophisticated, it was very user-friendly. After several weeks of using that tool, we were back in business.

A Kitchen Chair Fit for A King

Always remember that your house is a kingdom, and you are the king in it. With that in mind, only the best materials and furniture’s should be used because no king would settle for anything less. One such place in the house that you need to take care of is the kitchen.

Aside from the elegance of the countertops, and the technological advancements of the kitchen appliances, the furniture’s such as the tables and chairs should also be exceptional, not only when it comes to the quality of its construction, but the comfort the seating gives you.

The cushion should allow you to sit for hours without making you and your family uncomfortable, making you stay in the kitchen as long as you want. With that in mind, find cushion deals online that gives you the price a common man can handle, and comfort that is fit for the king and his kingdom.

Make a Statement with These Kitchen Backsplash

When designing a kitchen, one always prioritize the furniture’s, appliances, and other fixtures knowing that it will attract the attention of the guests most. However, something as simple as a backsplash can complete the desired look. Consider the kitchen furniture your masterpiece and backsplash as a backdrop, without the latter your magnum opus will not shine completely. Therefore, it is safe to conclude that a good backsplash that makes a statement is needed for your kitchen, and here they are:

  • Antique Backsplash- If you are aiming for the rustic look, there is nothing better than an antique backsplash to do the trick. Its elegance is unparalleled, and people from all walks of life never fail to admire its versatility and beauty. The antique backsplash may come in a form of tile or painting, and it is up to you to choose what is best for your kitchen.
  • Stone Backsplash- Durability comes to mind when you think of a stone. That is why if you want a backsplash that can literally last for decades then go for this. Aside from that, unlike other materials, stones need little to no maintenance at all, which is great if you do not have time because you are busy with other things.
  • Baroque Backsplash- Artsy individuals who cannot live without a splash of color in their life will definitely love the baroque backsplash. It is well-designed, and it can go with any kitchen furniture that you have. This is ideal for simple kitchens that need a little bit of glamour and enhancement.
  • Chalkboard Backsplash- Forgetful people should consider this type of backsplash as it functions not only as a good design for your kitchen, but also a built-in notepad where you can write ingredients, or things to buy when grocery shopping. This is also perfect if you love to draw, or doodle.

One should not undermine the power of backsplash for the kitchen. Its serves many purpose, thus it should be used, loved, and even promoted. The four examples given above is not your run of the mill kitchen backsplash so enjoy the compliments of your guests, and the approval of your family members.