The Perfect Mango Float

mango float
One of my favorite desserts at home is a mango float. It is not only a sweet refreshing treat for the family, but also very easy to prepare. Since it’s a float, it does not require any cooking. But you really need to be picky about the ingredients. I enjoy making this sweet heavenly delicacy because of its creamy and fruity combination.

The perfect texture and the perfect temperature of your mango float shouldn’t make it hard to slice. If you have done it right, you can actually cut a slice from the cake pan with ease. I used to make it really so frozen hard so everyone at home would complain about my rock hard mango float. I think when I started combining it with peaches I was able to make them better. The kind of cream also matters because when I switched brands that have thicker quality, the float became a big hit in the family.