A Bistro in Your Own Kitchen

If you love to eat and prepare food and drinks at the same time, having your own bistro would be perfect. However, if you are perfectly happy with your current work, and you think owning a real restaurant slash bar is more than you can chew, then you should go for the next best thing, which is recreating a bistro right in your kitchen. Here are several ways on how you can achieve this.

Design Kitchen bar

Install a Bar- To attain the perfect epitome of a bistro, the first thing you need is kitchen bar. They may come in a straight shape, l-shape, or a u-shape style, but no matter what you choose, it will certainly upgrade your kitchen in ways that you can never imagine. Kitchen bars recreate the feeling of being in a bistro, so your friends and family will enjoy lounging in that area, plus you will have a blast preparing the drinks and food while you are at it.

Elegant Kitchen Island With Antique Bar Stools and Chandeliers

Employ the Stools- Every self-respecting bistro is not complete without the bar stools. It allows people to sit directly at the bar, making it easier for them to have a chat with the bartender, or even a beautiful lady next to them. Purchase one for your own kitchen and situate them next to the kitchen bar that you installed. Leather is a popular choice amongst guys, while suede stools are loved by women, but if that are not your style, then you should opt for the more contemporary wooden bar stool.

kitchen with bar and contemporary lighting

Display Your Wine- Bistro’s are notorious for its yummy food and alcoholic beverages. They store and display their drinks by using a wine rack. The great part is you can have this in your kitchen too by buying one from a reputable store. You can choose from a variety of shapes, designs, and styles that will match and complement the theme of your kitchen.

Do not deny your dreams of having your own bistro, even if it is just in your kitchen. Because of it, preparing food and beverages will be more enjoyable not only for you, but your friends and family too. Food is best shared in the company of good people, and on an aesthetically beautiful kitchen, so create your own bistro now by using the tips above.