Food Presentation Counts a Lot

sizzling chicken

When I was out with my family for lunch, we went to this local restaurant at the mall and I was just shocked at the kind of food service they gave to us. I always love to eat good food especially the ones served with pride and joy. But this one sizzling chicken never had pride nor joy in the presentation. When I got this one from the waitress, I was a little bit suspicious of how they even cook their food.

Food presentation speaks a lot about how food servers do their work. If the food is served with neatness and an obvious clean presentation, customers would not think of how the food was prepared but think of how the food would taste. It really just means that you wouldn’t worry about how the restaurant makes their food from their kitchen because the presentation was very respectable. Some food servers do not make the effort of making their food a little bit respectable. This food was frustrating but my father always taught me not to fight with people who serve your food so I just kept quiet and be meek about it.