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Pressure Cookers &More

Small appliances are the silent helpers of the kitchen – they make it possible for ordinary people to prepare extraordinary meals. What used to take hours to prepare by hand can be whipped up in minutes when you use a food processor or even a blender – sometimes the oldest of appliances are actually the most useful. Nothing beats a top quality pressure steam cooker for preparing fresh vegetables, poultry, meats and more –it’s a healthy way to prepare all kinds of food and cut back on fatty or salty sauces because it helps to retain the great natural flavor of any food.

A toaster oven is another often overlooked appliance that can serve as an extra oven – it’s ideal for holiday baking and entertaining and in the heat of summer when you don’t want to use your oven it’s just the thing. Toaster ovens do more than just toast and bake – they are a great way to keep foods warm and to quickly reheat breads and other foods that are not especially microwave compatible.

Perhaps the greatest modern appliance is the single serve or on demand coffee maker – they allow you to brew a perfect cup of coffee in one minute or less without the hassle of scooping and measuring coffee and brewing an entire pot. On demand coffee makers use premeasured individual coffee packs, t pods, discs or capsules which are simply inserted into the machine when you want to brew a cup of coffee.  Position your cup or mug under the brewing port and press a button to enjoy a fresh, hot and flavorful cup of coffee any time you’d like.