Recycled Food For Dinner

My mom was asking what do I plan to cook for dinner, I really have no idea. I went to open the fridge and look something great to cook. There’s frozen pork, beef and chicken, I just sighed. I really am not in the mood to cook and get my stomach full. I look at the left-over food and an idea just lit up in mind. I use the food left and make it into something new. There’s beef and some shrimp left, I could make a stir fried rice out those. Now all I need is some minced garlic and shallots, diced carrots and bell pepper. I Sautéed the meat and shrimp with the garlic add in the shallots, bell pepper and carrots then mix the rice, add some salt to taste, stir it until it is evenly mixed.

It is good to recycle left-over food. It’s a shame to throw away food when other people can’t even afford to eat. Sometimes all we need is just to recreate the simple food to make another yummy dish to serve.