I Am Never Gonna Eat Froyo Bear Again

Here’s why, my husband and I with our daughter went to the mall to do the groceries, we had some snacks on a food stall nearby. My husband asked me if I could buy our child an ice cream, lucky I found one near the food stall where we’re eating. It’s called FroYo bear. The available flavor was only Choco-avocado. I decided maybe I should give it a try, so I did. I bought it and gave the ice cream to my daughter and I asked her if we could share, I never knew I’d regret asking that. I only had few teaspoon of the stuff and then we went home, to my mother’s house.

After two hours my stomach was in pain. It’s full of gas and my brothers are complaining about the stinking bomb I’m throwing. Yeah it really stinks and my stomach really hurts. I swear I’m never going to eat that Froyo thing ever again. My daughter had one too but she’s not farting, lucky her!