What Are You Planning For Breakfast?

I really don’t eat much at breakfast; all I need was a cup of coffee and I’m ready to start the day. My husband is quite the opposite, he likes to eat breakfast, and after all it’s the most important meal of the day. I cooked him some of my home made tocino. Tocino is a Filipino breakfast dish. This is similar to bacon but it’s sweet. If you like your pork sweet then you might want to try making this at home.

It is so simple to make and the ingredients are not that hard to find. The ingredients are 500 grams of pork meat, 2 tbsp of salt, 1 tablespoon of rum, 5 tbsp of sugar, ½ tsp of prague powder and half a tsp of Ascorbic acid. Slice the meat thinly; mix all the ingredients except the meat. This mixture would be for curing. Individually soak and rub the sliced meat into the mixture. Place it in a clean container and cover it. Leave it in the refrigerator for three days or you can dry the meat in the sun. In a pan with oil, cook the meat under slow heat. The meat will start to caramelize and turns browns, be careful not to burn it. Tocino is best partnered with egg and fried rice. Yum!