On Milk Teas

iced milk teas
I recently have a new craving, its iced milk teas. The Tea business is mushrooming here in the Philippines that they are now competing with the coffee shops, I like the mixture of tea and milk, and it gives it a new flavor. I tried different milk and tea combos but they all taste the same for me, I’m really not a tea person, I prefer coffee but recently I have become fond of this new found goodness.

The milk teas also has pearls or jellies in addition to your drink, which gives you something to chew, they’re like pearl coolers or smoothies only it’s tea. I drank 18 ounces milk tea recently while I was in the mall and after an hour I badly need to take a piss. Yes I know, teas are diuretics but do you know that they are an anti-oxidant too. It’s so good that they’re my new favorite. Why don’t you try it!