New Bizarre Foods for You

Street food has been known by most people due to its unique character and flair. Well, I’m a street food lover; basically I love to eat different types of foods that are mainly sold at sidewalks. It’s weird but you get used to it, it’s fun and too quick to be cooked. Talking about street foods! One of my favorites is barbecue, I remember one time when I and my friends had a night out and we were hungry then. So, we take a new adventure such as to eat street foods. Actually, it’s very common in Asia, preferably in the Philippines. You may see a lot of street food lane mostly in some campus such as schools.

Actually, before we eat there, we were much concern about the sanitation of the food. Of course! We were afraid that we might get sick or what! But actually not all street foods are dirty, they just look dirty! In fact, they can be a good partner to some juices such as Buko juice.