A Gastronomic Delight of J.Co Donuts

Last week, my friend told me that everyone’s raving over J.Co Donuts & Coffee, and that there’s one located near my work place. She asked me whether I know where it is located and if I’ve ever been there or tried their doughnuts. Well honestly, I haven’t yet. I work on graveyard shift and all the stores near our workplace are closed whenever I pass by. Except for McDonald’s which is open 24/7.

Curious, wanting to try something new, and craving for sweets, I went searching for information online. I checked the menu and I’m convinced. I told myself to look for the store when I have some free time.

Last night, I decided to leave the house early. And guess what, it’s just downstairs of our office building. I was able to make it on time for their store hours. But oh my! It’s like a blockbuster movie wherein there’s such a long line of people up to outside of the store. I would say it’s all worth it. I bought one for each flavor. So that’s a total of 2 dozens and a half. I’ll try their beverages & yogurt next time. I’ve learned that all J.Co Donuts store are always jam-packed crowded. I hope they open more stores soon.