Feed My Brains for Morning Activities

I am a college student when I have been into my real times wherein I need to take a Nursing Licensure Exam to mainly have my own license and practice my profession too. Actually, that was the hardest moment in my life. Really! You need to take have those better ideas when it comes about he food you eat before you take that licensure exam. Believe me! You really want to prepare something that is good for your mind and even affordable. In fact, keeping in touch with your budget seems to be a very crucial one to most students who are really on a tight budget.

In fact, that was better since we already pay me something for our food exclusively fro 3 days. During the board exam, the hotel preferable served us a Jollibee Breakfast, it was very interesting since eggs and hotdogs are proven to be nutritious. I guess, that’s the reason why I passed the Licensure examination.