Learning How to Bake with Mommy

I and my mom enrolled to a baking class last week. We planned of it two years ago but due to lack of time, it’s only now when we finally made it. It’s a three months program with classes on Saturdays. First day of class, we both are excited to get things started. First thing to learn is how to make chiffon cake.

We were both seriously listening to our teacher as she discussed things and gave us instructions. There were questions raised by different people, which made the entire class more interesting and productive. When finally it’s our turn to do the actual baking, we didn’t waste a single minute. Mom’s oven is just next to mine so we also try helping each other from time to time; or should I say it was actually my mom helping me all the time. We added and mixed all the ingredients then let it stay in the oven for 45 minutes. When it’s finally done, we were so happy because we can’t believe on how perfectly it turned out to be. That was truly a fun baking experience for a firs timer like us.