Adobo, Our All Time Favorite Dish

We are a family who loves eating together. It’s a tradition that started from our grandparents and continues to be alive even in our time. I was not a typical woman who normally cooks for everybody, I don’t know why; I just don’t see myself doing it or maybe I have not realized its importance yet. Not until I got married and have my own family.

Out of love for my husband and my daughter, I decided to start learning how to cook. At first, I tried just frying, then noticed I’m already starting to enjoy what I’m doing. I then thought of giving it all the way. At first I tried to cook the famous adobo of Filipinos. I had chicken, onion, garlic, vinegar, soy sauce, a little off salt, pepper and sugar. I followed all the steps I got from a cooking site and when it’s finally done, the result turned out amazing! My husband loves it and since then, it has become our favorite dish. From that day on, I didn’t stop learning. I tried improving and making it in other versions and to my luck, all went out to be successful. I also continue to discover many more menus through internet surfing and do it more often for my family and friends. Even up to now, many of them still can’t believe that I finally know how to cook. Great Thanks to the new technology, practice truly makes everything perfect!