Yummy Yummy Chicken Meat

Another family outing and you know what that means? It means we’re going to dine in one of those fancy restaurants. I was really excited. I mean, I love eating! I wore one of those gartered pants so my tummy can expand when I get too full. You know what I mean? I always prepare myself in these types of situations. If I wear normal pants and eat too much, I know it will be super duper hard to breathe.

It was order time! I didn’t know what my parents ordered because I had to go to the bathroom. After 10 minutes, our food was delivered on the table and my mouth was watery from watching it. It looked delicious! I took a plate full of the chicken meat. It was creamy with rich flavors. I thought I was eating in heaven. After I finished eating, my dad asked me if I liked the frog meat. I was in total shock! I wasn’t eating chicken meat but frog meat!